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I am Edgar Žigis. I am a software engineer, biologist, traveler & former semi-pro runner.

I have a vast experience in mobile development. However, my motto is - "You move through the times, or the times move you", so I am always in the cloud of the latest software engineering news. I am an active contributor within the Android Jetpack and also an active member of Reddit and StackOverflow communities.

I support several Open Source libraries including an active fork of Conductor and handful of UI libraries. Some of my UI components were featured on Medium.com and I am very proud of it.

  • Name Edgar Žigis
  • Birthday 1992/03/15
  • Locality Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Email admin@bio-matic.com
  • Hobbies Running, Skateboarding, Travel


Software Architecture

Practical experience implementing Clean, MVI, MVVM, MVP architectures on both iOS & Android environments as well as using reactive and strategy patterns.

Android Graphics & Apple UIKIT

Experience programming top notch UI components on both iOS & Android environments. Some of my Open Source libraries were featured at Medium.com

Asynchronous Programming

Expertise in Kotlin Coroutines, RxJava, PromiseKit, RxSwift. Writing concurrent asynchronous code, handling critical sections, mutexes & semaphores.

Continuous Integration

Experience setting up mobile CI/CD pipelines for Apple Store, Google Play and Huawei AppGallery handled by Fastlane and Github Actions.

Open Source Contributions

I am a contributor to Android Jetpack CameraX, Biometrics & AppCompat. As well as AWS Amplify, Realm & Kaspresso testing framework. I manage a few popular UI libraries myself.


Great experience of leading teams and managing feature deliveries. Leading iOS, Android engineering & QA as well as product management.

My Experience

  • Team Lead of Mobile Payments

    Kevin., Vilnius

    Apr 2021 - Present

    Working on a revolutionary project which will definitely disrupt payments on the European scale. Supervising and leading the development of mobile payments SDK.

  • Head of Mobile Department

    Paysera, Vilnius

    Feb 2018 - Apr 2021

    Started working as a Senior iOS developer, however after 6 months switched the platforms and in March of 2019 started leading the Android team. After some time I got promoted to lead the whole Mobile department. Main responsibilities - improving Android technical infrastructure and architecture, international Agile team management, technical research, candidate hiring and mentoring.

  • iOS & Android Developer

    Serfy, Vilnius

    Sep 2014 - May 2017

    Good startup idea, small office, motivated team - this is what I always wanted! I did work on a product dedicated to maintenance businesses. I had lots of challenges back then, considering that the mobile platform was still immature during the initial years, but I loved it! Working on NFC, Camera, location/maps services and tons of performance optimisations.

  • iOS & Android Developer

    ZET Technologijos, Vilnius

    Aug 2013 - Feb 2014

    I came to work here as an iOS developer. However, I remember my first ever meeting with my project manager - he was like "we need to do this Android app", and I was like - "well, I never even built the Android sample project" :)) So it was my first ever Android development experience. It was a cool company (and it still is!).I came to work here as an iOS developer. However, I remember my first ever meeting with my project manager - he was like "we need to do this Android app", and I was like - "well, I never even built the Android sample project" :)) So it was my first ever Android development experience. It was a cool company (and it still is!).

  • WEB Developer

    Odri, Vilnius

    Aug 2012 - Oct 2012

    Mostly working on interactive frontend websites for construction companies. Unfortunately, but I left the company after I was called lazy although I did sleep in the company office to get an overwhelming amount of work done. No regrets though :)

  • WEB Content Administrator

    Seomates, Vilnius

    Apr 2008 - Jan 2010

    I was still studying at school (I was 16 back then) and have sold my first IT startup to this company. I was hired to maintain that startup further, got my first laptop ever (as I did code my startup just on my mobile phone and towns library computer) and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity I got.

  • Mobile Technical Lead

    Unlokk, Dubai

    Jul 2020 - Present

    Being responsible for technical planning & implementation part as well as UX. Fully decoupled & modular flows, Redux based custom architecture, intuitive DSL testing with Kaspresso, Turbine etc. Easy CI/CD with Fastlane, AWS Services and advanced security features. Tons of custom UI views were created during the development process which now are boasting stars at Github and claps at Medium.com

  • Senior iOS Developer

    Globe Me Ltd, London

    Feb 2017 - Dec 2017

    I did work on arguably the most advanced photo processing mobile app in the world! This was definitely one of the craziest periods in my life. Coding, pitching to investors in London, managing the programming team - it was awesome and challenging at the same time! Core Image, AVFoundation, UIKit, GLSL became my best friends. Finished my 2nd degree too - it was definitely a great year! Left the company after the project was finished and released to the public.

  • MacOS Developer

    Pixelmator Team, Vilnius

    Jan 2014 - May 2014

    So here I am back again. I was really inspired by this company during my first stint, so I wanted to get back. This time I wanted to try out myself as a MacOS developer. My god, they had the best office ever and the best design practices ever. Pixelmator has a special gifted group of people who live and breathe the product they do. And for me work was never a number one priority, so we have parted ways again.

  • iOS Developer

    Pixelmator Team, Vilnius

    Oct 2012 - Jan 2013

    This was a starting point of my mobile career. I got an offer, because I did write that I do not eat lunch in my CV :)) I remember that I woke up in my campus bed, I could barely open my eyes after the party last night and then I saw an email from this company. I thought that it is yet another mailing list, but boom. I really did like working there, but it was hard to combine double degree studies with a full time work, so we have parted ways.

  • WEB Developer

    Argentum Sistemos, Vilnius

    Jun 2010 - Jul 2012

    This company did belong to the same group I did sell my startup to. I did program different websites for clients. I was mainly coding with PHP and Javascript. Projects were usually small and I was the only dedicated person to do them. Nice way to add some revenue for my student-life expenses :) Biggest highlight: I am the author of the website called pirmaskartas.lt !